Fishing Information


Waterloo Bay (South Point)

Otherwise known as Wellington Point, this area is characterised by its rocky sea cut ledge into relatively shallow waters. Best fished with the wind behind you and using a float to stay off the reef base. You need to be steady on your feet and careful fishing from this area.

Boords Beach

Boords Beach is only a short stretch of beach and reef than can at times yield a mix of species. The ease of access and generally calm water makes this an ideal location for teaching the next generation the art of fishing.

Main Beach (boat ramp to jetty)

One of the most popular family beaches in the district, on a hot summer’s day you will find plenty of cars and kids along this stretch of sand.


The oldest screw pylon jetty in South Australia, originally built to service the wool and grain industry, its sole use now is for fishing and photography. Even in the worst weather conditions you can find dedicated fishers pulling in reliable catches of Tommy Ruff.


Main Beach (jetty to Milligans)

A great stretch of crisp white sand that can provide a sheltered spot to pull in some nice whiting when there is a howling northerly. Fish just inside the seaweed line with cockles and you should have a good chance of catching a feed.


This is a small discreet beach that offers great protection from big swells and northerly winds. A mix of sandy and rocky sea floor makes this a spot where a range of fish may take your bait. Seaweed can sometimes be an issue but moving further along the beach can overcome that obstacle.

Salmon Point

As the name suggests salmon can indeed be caught from this rocky exposed point along with a range of other species. One of the attractions of Salmon Point is the ability to fish either inside or outside of Waterloo Bay depending on what side of the point you choose. Species will also change according to the position you choose.

Anxious Bay Corner

Another of the very popular local spots with the towering limestone cliffs to the south offering welcome relief from any southerly winds. The water is shallow with numerous sandy channels running between the rocky reef that hold desirable fish species.

Anxious Bay Boat Ramp (within 500m each way)

While most fish you will see here are coming in on boats, it is well worth a try in the shallows north from the boat ramp at Anxious Bay. A great mix of species can be caught along this stretch when the wind and swell are friendly.

Walkers Rocks first lagoon

Not only a great spot for fishing but the camp site provides a great base location to try out a number of sites. The first lagoon as you head north along the Lake Newland Beach is a regular hot spot for garfish and whiting, with a number of other species regularly visiting.

Walkers Rock to Lovers (First 3km of beach)

Another of the district’s popular recreation beaches with wind surfers, fishers, motorbikes and 4WD’s a regular sight. Fishing either day or night should yield desirable beach fish with catches of gummy shark not uncommon.


Talia Beach

This is a wild stretch of ever changing beach and not the ideal place for inexperienced fishers due to strong swells and at times deep channels close to the beach. Mullet and salmon trout are reliably caught while trying out for some larger species.

Talia Caves

A popular tourist spot with a number of coastal caverns offering spectacular scenery and on the right day some decent fishing too. Caution must be exercised due to the undercut cliffs and fragile rock in some areas. A monument in this area is testament to the unforgiving nature of this stretch of coast.

Mount Camel

Another popular tourist spot with nice coastal views and a relatively small beach that regularly forms deep gutters close to the shoreline. Sections of reef are often visible to either end of the beach. Salmon are particularly prominent at this beach, often in large numbers and / or large fish.

Venus Bay

Venus Bay Jetty

A top spot for fishing and relaxing with the kids. Fish can be plentiful throughout the day and night along with sand crabs at the right time of year.

Venus Bay inside coastline

The relatively large size of Venus Bay offers plenty of opportunities for anglers to find a sheltered spot and catch a feed of whiting or salmon. Tide can be the biggest influence with many areas of Venus Bay being quite shallow at low tide.

Port Kenny Jetty

Not one of the largest jetties in the state but with the right fishing conditions a decent feed can be caught.

Locks Well

Locks Well is one of the most renowned salmon fishing beaches in Australia. It is a reliable spot to catch big salmon if you don’t mind the climb (there are 283 steps to the beach).


Sheringa first beach and surf salmon beach

Sheringa Beach offers a number of different fishing opportunities for people of all ages, the young and less experienced fisherperson should stay at the first beach and target species such as whiting, mullet and flathead. While the more experience can try their luck at the surf beach further along the coast to the north for salmon.

You can purchase a complete fishing information guide from the Elliston Community & Visitor Information Centre for $2.20. Just ask one of our friendly staff.

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