Our Neighbours

To the North and West


The town of Ceduna is located on the Far West Coast of South Australia, on the scenic shores of Murat Bay on the Great Australian Bight, approximately 780km from Adelaide and 1,900 road km to Perth.

It is a major centre to a large and diverse business and industry sector and comprises a vibrant multicultural community of around 3,500 people. The region offers a huge choice of coastline for your favourite outdoor activities, or to try something new: scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing or skiing. Explore the outback or come on a Nullabor adventure with everything you need for a leisurely holiday without the hustle and bustle.


Streaky Bay

Situated on Western Eyre Peninsula, Streaky Bay offers excellent facilities for shopping and essential services, and has a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets. Boasting cafes and a bakery you can sample the flavours of the land and sea whilst taking in the lovely bay. Take a scenic drive to experience the breathtaking coast, fish and surf the beautiful beaches and pristine bay or relax along the tranquil sheltered waters with a leisurely walk, cycle, swim or snorkel.



To the South

Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay overlooks the pristine waters of Port Douglas which is part of an extensive bay system that includes Little Douglas, Mount Dutton, Kellidie, Yangie and Coffin Bays. In these bays you will see numerous pods of dolphins whilst some of the islands are home to seals and sea lions plus many breeding seabirds.


Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is well known for having a vast variety of seafood harvested from the beautiful pristine waters surrounding the Eyre Peninsula’s west coast.

For the adventurous be sure to get on board one of the many charter tours and be amazed and delighted with opportunities to swim with tuna and sealions. For the brave, a cage dive with the fearsome great white shark is an experience not to be missed. For those seeking a more peaceful, relaxing water sport, try paddle boarding along the foreshore in the stillness and peace of early morning or dusk.


To the East


Lock lies in the geographic centre of the Eyre Peninsula and is a strategic delivery centre for the grain grown in the region. It is also a service centre for the families on cereal and grazing properties in the surrounding area. Surrounding the Lock district are four conservation parks (Bascombe Well, Hambidge, Hinks and Barwell) boasting beautiful wildflowers, native animals, bird watching and mallee fowls.

A heritage museum is housed in the original police station and commemorates all aspects of farming and life of the district. Most machinery and vehicles are in working order. Includes original school room, station master’s office and police lockup cells and house.
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The Wudinna district offers a variety of attractions. The Gawler Ranges and Gawler Ranges National Park are located north of the Wudinna and Minnipa townships and boast a range of natural flora and fauna. There also many natural granite outcrops within the district as well as The Australian Farmer, granite sculpture located on the Eyre Highway, Wudinna.