Bramfield and Bramfield Cemetery

Situated 12kms inland from Elliston, Bramfield comprises the original township of the district. It was part of Price Maurice’s extensive sheep run of the 1860’s which stretched from Mount Dutton Bay near Wangary northwards. Some curious historical headstones can be seen at the local cemetery. The area is now known for producing organically grown fruit and nuts which can be purchased in Elliston.

Bramfield was the original township of the Elliston district. Cobb and Co stopped here on their way to Colton from Port Lincoln. The area is known for its two orchards producing organically grown fruit and nuts which are available for sale locally. Driving west, watch for the first glimpse of shining Waterloo Bay and the islands beyond – a truly wonderful sight!

Bramfield Cemetery

This is the burial place of many early settlers as Bramfield was regarded as the local town in the days before Elliston grew to take its place. Look for the grave of Mr William Griffiths Tree who was a local land owner and a shearer. Mr Tree had his headstone made by Tilletts Memorials in Adelaide at least two years before his death at Elliston on 21st July 1959.

Except for the date of his death, Mr Tree arranged for some of his history to be engraved on it, returning to Tilletts on at least ten occasions to update the information. His shearing tallies were all achieved with the art of the blade shears.

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