Lake Newland Conservation Park

A natural saline lake 20km in length, Lake Newland is the most extensive wetland on Eyre Peninsula, providing an excellent opportunity to observe the waterfowl and wading birds that inhabit the wetlands. The lake section of the park is only accessible by 4WD.

The lake lies at the base of a range of sand hills separating it from the sea. Fresh water springs feed into the lake and bird life such as Cape Barren geese, wild duck, snipe, shelduck, migratory waders can be found.

A day visit and camping area at Walker’s Rock (managed by the local council) provides 2WD access to the coast. For more information visit

Access is via ‘Sheridan’s Lane’ approximately 25kms north of Elliston.If the gate is shut, please be courteous and shut it behind you. Its southern boundary is Walker’s Rock.

Plover at Lake Newland Conservation Park

Plover at Lake Newland Conservation Park

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